Postmates Qualifications

At Least 18 Years Old


Background Check & Drivers License

IPhone or Android

Earnings Estimate
$12-$18 an hour
  • Postmates allows you to make money by delivering food to customers.
  • Set your hours, receive orders on your smartphone, head to a local restaurant and pick up food to deliver to Postmates customers.
  • Drivers can make up to $18 an hour in San Diego. The average pay per hour is $12.
  • To get started, drivers must complete an online application and pass a background check.
  • Don’t have a car? No worries! Postmates can also deliver on a bicycle.
  • San Diego has hundreds of restaurants that deliver through Postmates.


What Earnings Do Postmates Drivers Make in San Diego?

Up to $18 an hour

Postmates drivers can make up to $18 an hour in San Diego. This is only an earnings estimate.


Is Postmates hiring in San Diego?

Postmates is hiring new drivers in San Diego. Drivers can deliver with any type of vehicle or bicycle.

How to Sign Up For Postmates In San Diego

You can apply for Postmates on their website. The sign up process requires that you enter some info such as name, date of birth and drivers license number.

The background check will then usually take a few days (sometimes faster).

You will then receive a welcome kit with a Postmates heat bag and prepaid card. It’s possible to start taking orders before you receive the welcome kit.

3.4 rating
3.4 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
Very good40%

Not worth it

1.0 rating
19th November 2019

I did about 10 deliveries throughout a 1 week period
Like $5 per hour after subracting gas you used.
Many of them make you drive very far to pick up the order which you don’t get compensated for. You’re only paid for pickup and distance delivered to.
Orders are not that frequent so you have to wait more.
Tips are calculated about 2-3 days later and only about 20% actually tip.
Wondering if delivering unhealthy food is bad luck because I hit a curb causing a $260 car repair bill.
So ultimately it cost more than profited.

Won Joon Choi

Postmate is a Straight Forward App, With Plenty of Downfalls - Great for Multi-Apping and Make Extra Side $$$

3.0 rating
19th October 2019

Postmates was my very first FOOD delivery app. It started out pretty cool my first few deliveries (August 2018), then I started to noticed things here and there that would be hindrance to new delivery drivers.
One of the things you need to realize about this food app compared to others is that YOU, the delivery may have to place orders yourself at the merchant when you accept the offer. It is noted “Order When You Arrive” or something like that. These types of orders make it very hard for a driver to make good money on just straight BASE-PAY as the wait time will not be worth it for you in the end.
Another thing is on Postmates, TIPS and GUARANTEES will be your big money makers! If you cannot generate tips and complete guarantees here and there, your BASE-PAY payouts may not be enough to satisfy your earning goals. This food delivery app has slowly been declining in terms of helping new drivers make money and also having market share in the “food delivery world.” Apps like DoorDash and Grubhub are champions of the food delivery world.
When comparing this food app to others mentioned above, it is one of the most straightforward in terms of how it operates and also how smooth the app runs when you deliver, however that is a bit of a con. That con is the lack of information the driver gets before accepting the order; lack of estimated distance, pay amount, item count, or how much the customer’s bill total is, and if the order is “Order When You Arrive” or not. You will be compromising a lot of analytical data you can use to make better decisions to make more money with having a smoother bare-bones app.
This review sounds like I’m trashing Postmates, and maybe I am…but know one thing, you can STILL MAKE MONEY with this app alongside order gig/apps available. Postmates is NOT RECOMMENDED to be used as your “full-time” gig or anything like that, instead utilize this app with other food delivery apps to fill in slow times or use it to be able to do quicker orders while waiting for longer ones.
This is based on my opinion and my previous results, it is no way, shape or form that this will translate to your results. However, keep what was mentioned in mind when you delivery for Postmates. Make that money, BE YOUR BOSS, and don’t rely on the app to make money for you. RELY ON YOU.


How to Get Started: Postmate Delivery Driver in San Diego

Work in the gig economy and schedule your own hours as a Postmates delivery driver in San Diego. Use the app to go online and receive orders that you will pick up from local restaurants and deliver to customers.

Take pride in knowing you are helping people by delivering their food to them. Your customers will include elderly, professionals, students, retirees and more!

Work when you want, and do something that you enjoy doing – driving.

Postmates is a good alternative to rideshare because there are fewer vehicle requirements (almost any car works) and you can help people without directly interacting with them in your car.



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Position: Postmates Delivery Driver

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