Onerent Requirements

18 Years Old


Pass Background Check

$ 20 - $ 60 per task

What is Onerent?

Onerent allows you to make money and work flexibly as a property manager!

Earn money by competing tasks on your own schedule! Show listings, complete property inspections and more.

  • Tasks pay between $20 and $60 each!
  • Additional income for referrals and other incentives.
  • Showings take about 30 minutes each
  • Other tasks may take up to one hour


What Does Onerent Pay in San Diego?

$20 to $60 per task

The average showing takes 30 minutes, other tasks take up to one hour. Other incentives include referrals and monthly incentives.


How Do You Earn with Onerent in San Diego?

Apply online: Fill out an online application to start!

Learn the basics: Onerent will send you guides for inspections and general on-boarding info.

Accept tasks: Get paid for each task that you complete. Earn more with referrals and incentives.


How to Sign Up for Onerent in San Diego

You can sign up for Onerent on their website. Once you've filled out your info and passed a background check you can begin the on-boarding.

Get familiar with how to show a listing and complete inspections of properties.

When you're ready, start accepting tasks in the app!


4.5 rating
4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

I think it’s a really fun the way it works.I would recommend using it to try to anyone

5.0 rating
30th April 2020

As I mentioned this is a very good experience to help people and to do something you know and love I still have my own rental property and I am very happy that I can do it communication with people and help them


How make money

4.0 rating
15th January 2020


Alfredo Moya

A Day in the Life: Onerent Mobile Property Manager in San Diego

Earn money working when you want as a fielder, managing properties with Onerent.

Complete the online application and pass the quiz before you start. Familiarize yourself with inspections guide before you begin.

See tasks as they appear in your app. Select the tasks and head to the property.

Get paid for completed tasks!

How Much Do You Earn With Onerent?

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