Juicer Qualifications

At Least 18 Years Old


Charging Cables (discount available)

Earnings Estimate
$ 20 - $ 60 a day
  • Lime allows you to make money by charging scooters in your city.
  • Set your own hours, work flexibly and get outside to collect scooters to charge near you.
  • Lime Juicers can make up to $60 a day in Denver. To get started, potential Juicers can apply on the Lime website.
  • Log onto the Lime app in Juicer mode and hunt for scooters that need to be recharged near you.


What Earnings Do Juicers Make in Denver?

Up to $60 a Day

Lime Juicers can make up to $60 a day charging scooters (not verified by GigSharks). **Breakdown: $3-5 base pay per scooter

Is Lime hiring Juicers in Denver?

Lime is usually hiring new juicers in busy cities. To confirm, fill out an application on the Lime website!


What About the Application Process?

The initial application takes less than 20 minutes to fill out. Users can enter basic info and take a short quiz. Lime will reach out to you when they are hiring new juicers!


How to Apply To Become a Juicer In Denver

You can apply to become a Juicer on the Lime website. The sign up process is less than 30 minutes including a brief orientation and quiz!

Whether or not you’re hired depends on how much demand there is for Juicers in your city!

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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Work with you're own schedule

5.0 rating
30th November 2019
Leah Austin

not hired

5.0 rating
21st November 2019

the scooter is the new transportation mogul. its fast and conveniences , it has change the
way we travel, so thumbs up for lime.

jeffrey allen

Fun way to make money at work

5.0 rating
7th September 2019

I have these things stack up outside my office. So I bring them in, charge them while I work then return them on a luck break. Easy cash, kinda like pokemon go but with finding scooters.


How to Get Started: Lime Juicer in Denver

Work in the gig economy and schedule your own hours as a Lime Juicer in Denver. Use the app to find lime scooters and bikes near you that need to be recharged.

You can switch to Juicer mode in the Lime app once you’ve successfully applied to the program and been accepted.

Find scooter and bikes in the app that need to be recharged. Collect them on the way to or from work and then let them charge for a few hours. Work when you want, and spend time outside!

Juicer is a good option for flexible and part time work because there are few asset requirements (almost nothing is needed to start) and if you’re already in an area with lime scooters or bikes it doesn’t take up much time!

You can work as much or as little as you like as a Lime Juicer. The flexibility of this job makes it easy to work part time. You can choose when you want to charge scooters and only charge as many as you’d like.

Juicers who use this gig as a side hustle find it to be great supplemental income!

How Much Do You Earn As A Juicer?



Lyft - Driver

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Position: Lime Juicer

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