Instacart Qualifications

At Least 18 Years Old

Vehicle (Full Service Only)

Background Check

Hot/Cold Bags

IPhone or Android

Earnings Estimate
$50-$100 a day

What do I Need to Know About Instacart?

Do you enjoy shopping?

Why not get paid to shop for someone else's groceries!

Instacart allows you to make money by doing someone else’s grocery shopping! Set your hours, receive orders on your smartphone, hit the grocery store, deliver, and get paid!

  • Shoppers can make up to $25/hour in Saskatoon. To get started, shoppers must complete an online application, pass a background check, and attend an interview/training session (not always required).
  • Instacart is looking for full service shoppers (shopping +delivery) and in store shoppers (shopping only)
  • In store shopper hiring is location dependent.
  • Don’t have a car? Not a problem: shoppers on foot and bicycle are welcome.


What Earnings Do Instacart Shoppers Make in Saskatoon?

Up to $25 an hour

Instacart Shoppers can make up to $25 an hour in Saskatoon. This is only an earnings estimate.

How to Sign Up For Instacart In Saskatoon

You can apply for Instacart on their website!

The sign up process requires that you enter some personal info.

The background check usually only takes a few days. Then you'll receive a welcome kit in the mail!


What About the Application Process?

The initial application usually takes under 30 minutes!

You'll fill out some basic personal info, provide a driver's license number and fill out a W9 to get started!


2.6 rating
2.6 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Very good29%

Too many new hires ruining instacrt

1.0 rating
17th May 2020

When I was shopping for instacart eay before this pandemic it was fun I made really good money, and my time was appreciated by those I shopped for. Since the new hires are getting priority and not having background checks it’s ruining it for those of us who really worked hard to have a good rating and give the customers a great experience. When this is all over if ever Instacart is going to lose more customers than they started with before this virus. They have proven they only care about money. The Moses customers the more money. And to keep customers happy and to feel like they are priority they have too many shoppers so everyone’s orders are being done first thing. Some orders are stolen some have bad replacements and horrible quality, missing items and so fourth. Not to mention, THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE NO LONGER STAYING HOME MAKE NO ONE ESSENTIAL AND PUTTING EVERYONE AG RISK! It’s the government who needs to put a stop to Instacarts hiring, because without a doubt sick infected people are out shopping and spreading the virus.

Nicole John

Busy since pandemic

4.0 rating
5th May 2020

I’ve been real busy, and getting higher paying batches since the pandemic begin. Comes with some risk during these times but for me it’s definitely worth it.

Taylor I

How to Get Started: Instacart Shopper in Saskatoon

Work in the gig economy and schedule your own hours as an Instacart Shopper in Saskatoon. Use the app to schedule shifts or work on demand and pick up batches as they come your way.

Take pride in knowing you are helping people by delivering their groceries for them. Your customers will include elderly, professionals, students, retirees and more!

Work when you want, and do something you enjoy doing – shopping

How Much Do You Earn With Instacart?

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Position: Grocery Shopper

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