Neighbor Qualifications

Garage/ Parking Space / Attic

Phone Number

Driver's License /  Passport


Earnings Estimate
$50 a month-$500 a month

What do I Need to Know About Neighbor?

Neighbor allows you to make money by renting your garage, parking space or unused storage!

Earn money by giving back to your community!

  • Help your neighbors find space to store their things.
  • Generate income while you're not using your unused storage
  • Earn more to save up for your next big purchase!
  • Liability coverage of $1 million provided by Neighbor.


What Does Neighbor Pay in South Bend?

$50 to $500 a month

This is an estimated payout for Neighbor storage rentals in South Bend. Prices fluctuate by location, type of storage unit, and by individual listing. Amounts not confirmed by GigSharks.


How Do You Earn with Neighbor in South Bend?

List your space: List your space, set your price, upload photos and make your listing stand out!

Get matched with renters: Neighbor will connect you with renters looking for a space like yours

Earn money: Give back to you community and get paid to do it!


Listing Your Storage Space

It's easy to create a listing on the Neighbor app. Make your storage space stand out with great photos and set a price similar to other spaces in your area!


How to Sign Up for Neighbor in South Bend

You can sign up for Neighbor on their website. Once you've filled out your info you can create a listing!

Make your listing unique and attractive by adding 4-6 of high quality photos! Set a price that is similar to other listings in your area to get matched with a renter quickly!

You also must comply with any local short term rental regulations in your city.

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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Great passive income app

5.0 rating
24th February 2020

I make about $150 a month renting out my garage, it sat empty for the first couple of years I lived here.. Figured I might as well make some money with it!

Roger H

How to Get Started: Renting Your Space With Neighbor in South Bend

Help out your neighbors who need space for storage!

List your storage space on Neighbor and earn money while you're not using it.

Creating a listing is quick and easy, it's also a great way to generate cash passively!

With Neighbor you are connected to the people who need your space the most.

How Much Do You Earn With Neighbor?

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