Instacart Requirements

At Least 18 Years Old

Vehicle (Full Service Only)

Background Check

Hot/Cold Bags

IPhone or Android

$ 50 - $ 100 a day

What is Instacart?

Do you enjoy shopping?

Why not get paid to shop for someone else's groceries!

Instacart allows you to make money by doing someone else’s grocery shopping! Set your hours, receive orders on your smartphone, hit the grocery store, deliver, and get paid!

  • Shoppers can make up to $25/hour in Fort Wayne. To get started, shoppers must complete an online application, pass a background check, and attend an interview/training session (not always required).
  • Instacart is looking for full service shoppers (shopping +delivery) and in store shoppers (shopping only)
  • In store shopper hiring is location dependent.
  • Don’t have a car? Not a problem: shoppers on foot and bicycle are welcome.


How Much Do Instacart Shoppers Make in Fort Wayne?

Up to $25 an hour

Instacart Shoppers can make up to $25 an hour in Fort Wayne. Amount not confirmed by GigSharks.

How to Apply For Instacart In Fort Wayne

You can apply for Instacart on their website!

The sign up process requires that you enter some personal info.

The background check usually only takes a few days. Then you'll receive a welcome kit in the mail!


Application Time

The initial application usually takes under 30 minutes!

You'll fill out some basic personal info, provide a driver's license number and fill out a W9 to get started!


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Memphis Market is Slow

1.0 rating
18th January 2020

It seems like there just are no batches to go around because it’s so many people doing this now. You got like 500 people looking at on demand trying to snap up 2 batches so you will be sitting days and hours no batches. Memphis is just weird. People have dumped Instacart for Shipt so everybody slinging those other green packs getting paid because Instacart got too many workers and not enough members paying for the service so that’s why it’s no batches. You can look at the site at 7am nothing, 9am nothing, 12 noon nothing, 3pm nothing 5pm nothing 7pm nothing and that is so weird. You can’t depend on this for a side hustle because it’s mega slow here in this Memphis market and you may go a week no orders or longer because it’s drying up.


Pay is very low

2.0 rating
2nd January 2020

Instacart was good when I first started over a year ago. Now good batches are far and few between. Many batches have no tip and Instacart pay can be as low as 7.00 for a full service order with over 20 items. So with driving distance and shopping time it pays well below minimum wage often. Not counting the use of my car.
So now I only take batches that will pay at least $20 and can be done in one hour. I may get one good batch between 7:30 and 9:30 am. Sometimes there are none at all. And I have to constantly watch my phone because the Austin market is oversaturated with shoppers and the good batches go really fast.
I have been dashing for Door Dash and can average 20 to 25 per hour and sometimes more. At times a shift is a bust but overall is far better than Instacart


Working As An Instacart Shopper in Fort Wayne

Work flexible hours as an Instacart Shopper in Fort Wayne. Use the app to schedule shifts or work on demand and pick up batches as they come your way.

Take pride in knowing you are helping people by delivering their groceries for them. Your customers include working professionals, elderly and disabled.

Work when you want, and do something you enjoy doing – shopping

How Much Do You Earn With Instacart?

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