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Advice for new GrubHub drivers  



What are some things that every new Grubhub driver should know before they start making deliveries?

Jonahtan | GigSharks

3 Answers

1) It's worth the wait. Payouts are great and you can see tips up front. Also it's a very relaxed platform, makes delivering easy.

2) Always sign up for blocks, you get way more offers during a block.

3) Multi-app with Doordash or something else. Grubhub is great but can be slow at times, you'll want to have another source of income at your disposal.



Be patient. It can be a long wait to start with GH, but worth it. Might be my favorite app other than DD.

Give me ambiguity or give me something else.


Sign up for blocks. They drop on weekends but GH will randomly throw out new blocks during the week as well, so it helps to check in every once in a while. You get way more offers while you are on a block.