16 Ways to Get Deactivated by Amazon Flex + How to Get Reactivated (copy)

Amazon Flex has been deactivating delivery drivers

It could happen to any Amazon Flex driver. One day you are happily delivering packages to customers with Amazon Flex, the next day your main source of income has disappeared. No driver is completely safe from a possible deactivation on the Amazon Flex platform. In order to avoid deactivation, make sure that you are not breaking any of the following rules. It's important to know the difference between a temporary deactivation and a permanent one. Some of these will only get you deactivated temporarily (a few weeks) while others will get you permanently blacklisted from the Amazon Flex platform. Whichever type of deactivation occurs to you, we'll show you how to gt reactivated.



Fortunately, there are other gig economy apps that you can use to generate income - even if you've been deactivated by Amazon Flex.

  • Multiple Apps

    Delivering with another company while on an Amazon Flex block will get you deactivated very quickly. Amazon Flex tracks your location and if you are not in a waiting zone or in route to a delivery they will see this and take action.

  • Cancelling Blocks

    If you are cancelling blocks too often, especially within 45 minutes before the block starts, this will get you deactivated from Amazon Flex

  • Verbal Assault

    Abusive language or verbal assault towards a customer or warehouse staff can quickly get you deactivated from Amazon Flex.

  • Physical Assault

    You should never harm a customer or Amazon Warehouse employee. This will result in deactivation and potentially criminal charges as well.

  • Tampering with Packages

    You should never tamper with, open or damage packages before you deliver them to a customer. Amazon Flex takes this seriously and will deactivate you quikcly.

  • Drugs/Alcohol

    Delivering with Amazon Flex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the quickest ways to get deactivated! If a warehouse employee reports that you were under the influence while picking up packages expect it to be your last delivery.

  • Theft

    You should never steal from an Amazon package that should be delivered to a customer

  • Undelivered packages

    If you are not delivering a large amount of packages during a flex block, this could get you deactivated. Make sure to call support if you cannot deliver a package and talk through your options.

  • Not Returning Packages

    If you don't deliver a package to your customer, you're expected to return it to the

  • Insurance

    Failure to maintain current insurance coverage, as specified in the Ubereats driver agreement, can result in deactivation.

  • Violation of Law

    If you break a state, local, or federal laws while driving for UberEats, expect to be deactivated.

  • Late Arrivals

    Showing up to a block late multiple times will get you deactivated from Amazon Flex. The threshold for being late is more than 5 minutes after the block is scheduled to begin. If you arrive later than 5 minutes after the start time, not only will this count as a late arrival but this block will disappear from your schedule and you will not be able to make deliveries.

  • Licenses

    Failure to maintain all licences, permits and registrations required to operate.

  • Location

    Hitting "I am at the location but GPS Is not showing" Will get you temporarily deactivated from Amazon Flex

  • Late deliveries

    Too many deliveries outside of the expected delivery time frame is a way to get deactivated from Amazon Flex

  • Missing Blocks

    If you schedule a block with Amazon Flex and you do not show up to that block to make deliveries this will get you deactivated. It's important to cancel blocks and do so more than 45 minutes before the block begins.

Deactivation Appeals

You can reach out to Amazon Flex and request to get reactivated here (within 90 days of deactivation):

As a Flex driver, you are scored on metrics and given a rating. A combination of minor penalties may ultimately lead to your deactivation. It’s always best to be in contact with support if you have questions. It is best to contact support within the Amazon Flex driver app.  This is the best way to get support, and it will help you avoid a deactivation. Any time you have an issue, speaking with them will help you find the appropriate resolution. It helps to send screen shots of any issues when you are communicating with support.



Fortunately, there are other gig economy apps that you can use to generate income - even if you've been deactivated by Amazon Flex.



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