15 Ways to Get Deactivated by DoorDash + How to Get Reactivated


It's happening more an more, Doordash drivers are getting deactivated from the platform and not allowed to return. It could happen to any driver, and usually when it does, it is not expected. Fortunately, there are mistakes that you can avoid if you do not want to be deactivated!

  • Low Ratings

    If your dasher rating is below the minimum for your city you could be deactivated.

  • Completion Rate

    If you are accepting orders and cancelling too many of these after accepting, this could get you deactivated.

  • Verbal Assault

    Abusive language or verbal assault towards a customer or merchant.

  • Physical Assault

    You should never harm a customer or merchant.

  • Discrimination

    You shouldn't discriminate against or harass any merchants or customers.

  • Tampering with food

    You should never tamper with, eat or touch food before you deliver it to a customer.

  • Drugs/Alcohol

    Dashing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a quick way to get deactivated!

  • Theft

    You should never steal from a Doordash customer or merchant

  • Marking Deliveries Complete

    If a delivery was not completed, marking it as complete in the app could get you deactivated.

  • Misuse of Red Card

    Using the red card to purchase anything not included in the original order could get you deactivated.

  • Violating Referral Terms

    Referring anyone who is not eligible or cheating the referral system.

  • Duplicate Accounts

    You are limited to one Doordash account.

  • Fraud

    Any type of fraud is not allowed

  • Unsafe Driving

    Texting while driving or using the app while driving is not allowed.

  • Providing False Info

    Any type of false info provided during signup or to support could get you deactivated.

Dasher Scams Leading to Deactivation

Common Doordash scams are getting Dashers deactivated!

Watch Out For These Scams!


Reactivation Form

You can apply to get reactivated here:

Fortunately, there are other gig economy apps that you can use to generate income – even if you’ve been deactivated by another app.

Popular delivery apps that you can sign up for and start working with quickly include Postmates and Instacart!